This innovative project is built an international network of young volunteers from the Pacific region. With a cooperative and participatory approach, the ePOPers shoot and edit video clips that capture the feelings of local populations facing the consequences of global changes and climate warming. The initiative aims to collect the findings, doubts and questions of the older generations, often relatives or members of their families, in order to question the scientific world and to obtain understandable answers for the communities, especially the elderly, who endure and suffer these daily disturbances.

In line with the declared will of the international organizations, this human and intergenerational approach aspires to nourish the archives of the intangible UNESCO human heritage of this region, which is the most impacted by climate change.

The ePOP – eParticipatory Observers Project – concept was conceived by RFI planète radio (France Medias Monde) and developed with the IRD (National French Research institute for Sustainable Development), in collaboration with many partners including the PIDF (Pacific Island Development Forum), L’Office des postes et télécommunications (OPT) in New Caledonia, la Fondation Expéditions Tara, la Fondation de France , la Fondation des Alliances françaises and l’Organisation internationale de la francophonie (OIF). The project has the support of Ms. Elisabeth Holland, co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore.


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