A carbon budget is the maximum amount of carbon that can be released into the atmosphere while keeping a reasonable chance of staying below a given temperature rise. Budgets are typically expressed in gigatonnes of carbon (GtC) or carbon dioxide (GtCO2).

Global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and industry have increased every decade from an average of 3.1±0.2 GtC yr-1 (11.4 GtCO2) in the 1960s to an average of 9.4±0.5 yr-1 during 2007-2016 (34.4 GtCO2). Emissions in 2016 were 9.9±0.5 (36.3 GtCO2) with a share of coal (40%), oil (34%), gas (19%), cement (6%), and flaring (1%). Global emissions in 2017 are projected to increase by 2% (+0.8% to +3.0%) after three years of almost no growth, reaching 10.0±0.5 GtC (36.8 GtCO2), a new high record.

Inforgraphics produced by The Global Carbon Project (GCP).



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