2100 The Musical was created by ten students from the École Jeannine Manuel in Paris, partnered with Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL) scientists within the CRESCENDOschools Network.

The students have created the script, composed the music and text for the different characters in the musical, and successfully performed this excellent and extremely moving play in front of scientists, public and other students. The story is about a young woman who discovers herself trapped in a dilemma between the love of her life and a purpose to find solutions to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

‘2100 The Musical’ has exceptionally brought to life this new idea to communicate the science of climate change  and to raise awareness and strengthen positive solutions to the wider public. Watch and enjoy the full performance in the video below (recorded from their last show at the École Jeannine Manuel in Autumn 2017):

Photo: From left to right: Nada Caud (@CEAParisSaclay @IPSL_outreach ),
Morgane Ropion and Elodie Frey (@ecoleJManuel ), and
Denise Young (@ICSUnews) at the recent IPCC 30th Anniversary celebrations. 


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