We are a network of European schools and scientists working together to spread the knowledge on the science of climate change

CRESCENDOschools is a European network of schools on Earth system modelling and climate change supported by the European Commission. The Network was born through the CRESCENDO H2020 project and its communication strategy designed to ensure knowledge developed in the project is communicated to the wider public in an engaging and understandable form.

The students enrolled in the network are working directly with leading climate researchers to increase both their scientific understanding of global climate change, and also the awareness of the urgency of the problems and potential solutions. The overall aim is to define and develop an appropriate suite of education and dissemination resources (web based documents, online videos, games, social networking and other methods of communication etc.) targeted to the needs and interests of students in the 16-19 years old age range. While helping them to develop these resources we aim for the students to learn new skills, benefit from the experience and also have fun.

Currently, CRESCENDOschools involves five schools from the UK, France, Sweden and Albania, which are now exploring the science of global change with nearby CRESCENDO researchers. Besides increasing their scientific understanding of global climate change students are interacting with scientists working in this field and together co-developing communication methods appropriate to students of their age group or younger.

We are a network of European schools and scientists working together to spread the knowledge on the science of climate change

Would you like to join CRESCENDOschools?

If you are interested in this topic, would like to contribute or join our Network or want to leave us any comment, do get it touch through our contact form or email us at crescendoschools@crecendoproject.eu

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